1 More Week!

1 More Week!

Postby Xienen » December 2nd, 2013, 12:27 pm

That's right, 1 more week until the launch of Break Blocks' Early Adopters Program! We have nailed it down; confirmed we'll get it all done and polished up by the end of the day(EST) next Saturday. Are you excited? Ready to Break Dance like there's no tomorrow?!? Enjoy this Ninja soundtrack whilst you wait:

Alright, so maybe that doesn't quite replace the game, but it's an awesome Ninja Break Dance song, isn't it? Anyways, we've plugged in almost every vital piece of content and now we're doing everything we can to make the game more accessible, visually interesting, and polished. Our testing has continued, using mostly friends and family, and we have gotten continually positive feedback about the game.

A number of people have made comments about the game not seeming like something they'd want to play. So, I decided to challenge a few of them to just give the game a try. Every single one of them got hooked on the game, noting how exciting, simplistically complex, and addictive the game truly is. We are really starting to believe in the potential for our game to be as successful as we've been hoping and for our company to reach our goal of donating at least $100,000 to charity.

This will only be possible with your support, so come back to us in a week, check out the Early Adopters Demo and purchase the game if you enjoy it!
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