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New Version of Break Blocks Available!

PostPosted: December 2nd, 2013, 1:11 pm
by Xienen
Hello, All!

Today we are releasing our latest beta for download, and we've made many changes over the previous versions. The most obvious the changes to the board size (number of blocks that can be on the board), the new hit timer, and the new beat tracks that have been tailored to each song. Additionally, we've continued to extend content by adding new characters, tours and songs, we've managed to fix up a few of bugs on our list, and we've added a new team member, Wes Valentijn!

We've released a new video discussing the latest changes on YouTube:


If you're an early adopter, click this link for the latest full version.

Also, as a sample of some of Stephen White's latest tracks for Break Blocks, we're posting both the Vampire's and the Zombie's second tracks.

VampireSong2 by greatergoodgames

ZombieSong2 by greatergoodgames

We're still on track to finish February, but stay tuned because we'll have more news between now and then.

Thanks to all of you for your interest and your support!