January Break Blocks Update

January Break Blocks Update

Postby Xienen » December 2nd, 2013, 1:19 pm

So, we just updated the early adopters download and the demo build to include a bunch of the changes we've been working on this month: Voice acting in the tutorial, a bunch of new sounds and character voices, some new enemies and new player animations, new U.I. to show you how powerful your move is/when the enemy will be launching a move, a simplified control layout, and fancy new menus, buttons, and popups. At this point here's what we have left to do: Finish implementing multiplayer, finish Boss #2, get the last 2 songs in place, finish up a little of the voice acting, and then sell thousands of copies!!! Should be a piece of cake, right?

Anyway, give it a download and let us know what you think!

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