It Hungers

It Hungers

Postby Xienen » December 2nd, 2013, 1:51 pm

As I mentioned in my last post, "A Shift in Focus," we're looking into games we can create in shorter intervals. Our first attempt at this is a game entitled, "It Hungers," which follows the tragic life of an orphan child who just wants another bowl of gruel.

Oh wait, no, that's not it at all. In It Hungers, you play as an alien with an appetite. Set in the crowded streets of a city, you run amok trying to feed your insatiable appetite for humans. You will have to avoid detection for as long as possible, and eat often so you don't end up dying of starvation. There are various factors that can alert the people to your presence, but the most common of these is simply looking back to see a giant, slavering alien bounding up behind them.

Our goal with this game was to keep the gameplay simple. Aside from the inclusion of an item system, this game can be played with one button, and has rules that are easily understood and are low in complexity. Essentially, you press a button to run, and upon releasing the button, you will stop running and start looking nonchalant.

Greg Felber has begun working with us to make this project a reality, and while he's getting all of the code together, I made a video mock-up of what the gameplay would look like based off of the assets I had available at the time. There's no sound, and limited interaction, but it should be enough to get the idea across. So without further ado, I present to you, "It Hungers!"

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