What is Swipe Attack and Who is it For?

What is Swipe Attack and Who is it For?

Postby Xienen » December 2nd, 2013, 1:58 pm

This weekend I was able to share a really early, proof of concept build of Swipe Attack with my family and the response was really good! I am really excited about this project; I think it has a lot of promise. What was really fun for me was playing this game with my stepfather. He is over 60 and he's never played a videogame in his life, but he was able to pick Swipe Attack up instantly. He mastered it so quickly that he was able to outscore me in our first game!

I feel like this is the real power of tablet devices. From my young niece who zips around on her grandmother's iPad, to my mother-in-law who immediately grocked photo editing on her iPad using the touch interface, touch computers remove that layer of abstraction from the user interface.

So what was this game we were playing? Swipe Attack is a two player iPad shoot-out game. Just like games of yore, you and a friend play together locally. Each player shoots at the targets and tries to knock them into their opponent's goal to score points. Because this is an electronic game, we can exceed the limits of a traditional game with features like power-ups, dynamic levels and cool, immersive effects!

As development continues, I will share cool sketches, videos and recounts of play-tests and challenges.

I can't wait to share more about Swipe Attack with you!
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