Codename: Slash `em Up

Codename: Slash `em Up

Postby Xienen » December 2nd, 2013, 1:45 pm

Howdy Folks,

It’s time to let the secret out of the bag: we’re making another game! The experts said it couldn’t be done, but we’re here to prove them wrong... As the development of Break Blocks for the Apple Store comes to a close, we want to start sharing tidbits about what’s coming next. Over the entirety of our development cycle, we’re going to post updates here to keep you informed about our progress and to ask for your thoughts. So, you’re probably thinking, “Noah, what the hell are you waiting for? Spill the beans!” Fair enough! But first, the set-up..

Dayle and I both wanted to work on a game that was starkly different from Break Blocks. As both of us are long time gamers, we knew we wanted to make something that we would have enjoyed playing as kids. Jarrod, voice talent from Break Blocks and friend, came to us with an idea about a game that was all about a ninja running as fast as he possibly could. Inspired by oldschool ninja games such as Ninja Gaiden, and side scrolling shooters such as Life Force, his idea was to mash the two together to form an amalgamation we’re referring to as a “Slash `em Up,” or “SLUP” for short. We kept going back to older games as a point of reference for the project, and this is where we landed:

The Gameplay:

The driving design element in our game will be speed. The game will be a forced-scroll action, platformer. You’ll be able to change position within the boundries of the camera, but the camera will move at a pace dictated by your overall speed. Through comboing enemies, and avoiding being hit, you’ll be able to increase your speed allowing you to clear level with a faster time.

The Story:

After years of rejection and mockery, nefarious game designer, Albert Abigail Fannypatter, has gone rogue and decided to put the games of his successful contemporaries to the ultimate test... a deadly game of his own making! You play as one of three video game characters that have been plucked from their own world and made to run this hellish gauntlet of Albert’s making. Albert tries his hand at several “new ideas,” which turn out to be rehashes of games ranging from the Golden Age of arcades to modern day games for your handheld device. All the while, you must guide your character through each new twist, not falling prey to any exotic mechanics Albert might introduce.

The Characters:

The Warrior’s philosophy has always been to smash first and ask questions later. A heavy character; clunky, but strong. As Boris the Blade says “The weight is a sign of reliability”. He builds momentum slower than the other characters, but makes up for this with a higher defense that absorbs more damage. It’s hard to stop a moving train. He also has a shield which deflects projectiles and weaker attacks when he is not attacking or jumping. He can plow through weaker walls and supports to discover hidden areas or collapse structures.

The hermit is agile and precise, striking like a viper. He has less power behind his blows, but also has less delay meaning he can unleash a flurry of blows. He has a faster move speed within the frame than other characters and can use his speed to run across water and up walls. He builds momentum fast but tires out quicker, especially when hit. He can parry projectiles and weaker attacks with his staff.

The lusty lass of the lagoons, despite being a lady captain, possesses the true evidence of manhood: a sword and a giant gun. Using her cannon and sheer guile, the pirate storms through levels with reckless abandon, exploding everything in her path. This character is for players that liked to solve shaped-peg puzzles with a sledgehammer and a little gusto. Not as clunky as the warrior, nor as zippy as the hermit, the pirate plods through levels at a steady pace and can hoist herself around with the best of the able-bodied lads. She can use her wide area-of-attack to quickly gain momentum, but has little defenses against a direct blow, (although her vigor places her above the ninja in terms of damage absorption). The pirate can also use her cannon and charge attack to rocket around the level, reaching distant ledges to avoid getting left behind.

There’s much more, of course, and we’ll be sharing it with you soon, so stay tuned!

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